Our Mission

U.S. Cotton's mission is to manufacture and market high-quality products that support and satisfy our customers’ and consumers’ needs. Productively promoting innovative products that adhere to our four basic business principles – quality, value, performance and service will make U.S. Cotton the leading health and beauty aide cotton products company in the Americas.

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Our Made in the USA Commitment

We utilize state-of-the-art technology to produce cotton products in the U.S. Through this initiative, we continue to bring jobs back to the United States from overseas.

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Parkdale Mills

A Perfect Partnership with Parkdale Mills

As a leader in the beauty and cotton cosmetic industry, Parkdale Mills excels in business-to-business textile cotton.

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Our Vision

As the number one manufacturer of cosmetic and beauty aid products, our vision centers on the evolution of supply chain to demand better response, better service, and consistent improvements in speed to market. We also pursue diversification through seeking opportunities that complement our core competencies. As a team, we are driven to be forward-thinking leaders who strive to identify innovative solutions. Together, we challenge conventional methods in order to achieve the ultimate experience in operational excellence, machinery capabilities, and technological advantages.