Why U.S. Cotton?


We Work Closely With Retailers To Help
Grow Their Businesses.


We have the category experience, international supply chain success, infrastructure and responsive manufacturing and distribution network to supply a complete line of products consistently. Doing business with us is easy.



In order to consistently manufacture the best cotton product in the market, we have made significant investments in state of the art technology at our North America based plants in New Mexico, Ohio, North Carolina and Montreal, Canada.. Our products are made to rigorous specifications with an engineering department dedicated to Quality Assurance.



With our consumer-focused approach, we conduct continuous research to discover trends, listen to the “voice” of consumers, drive sales and grow the cotton category. Our brand positioning and packaging connect with consumers. We provide our retailers with category analyses, management recommendations and promotional opportunities – all focused on helping them increase their product sales and customer loyalty.



Based on our research, experience and innovative spirit, we bring new ideas and technology to the marketplace. We have designed Carding Equipment that has become standard for U.S. and European manufacturers.