About us


Our Focus Is On Service And
Exceeding Our Customers’ Needs.

Founded in 1983, U.S. Cotton is the leading manufacturer of cotton products in the Americas and the only major national manufacturer of organic cotton. With over 25 years of experience in all cotton categories, we hold the number one position in the market for health and beauty aide cotton products.


There’s good reason for that. We are committed to producing innovative products that adhere to our four basic principles: quality, value, performance and service; and we are dedicated to the principles of our founder, Anthony Thomas: honesty, hard work and perseverance. Your satisfaction and your customers’ satisfaction are our highest priority.


Our full line of cotton-based products, which includes 100% cotton rounds and squares, swabs and balls are made using state of the art technology and rigorous specifications. We study consumer trends and conduct research so that we manufacture and market the highest quality products that exceed consumer expectations. Because we understand what consumers want, we consistently bring new ideas to market to drive sales and grow the cotton category.


But our commitment goes beyond simply providing the highest quality products. Partnership is our goal – and our promise.


Our Mission
U.S. Cotton’s Mission is to manufacture and market high quality products that support and satisfy our customers’ and consumers’ needs. Productively promoting innovative products that adhere to our four basic business principles – quality, value, performance and service will make U.S. Cotton the leading health and beauty aide cotton products company in the Americas.


Our Vision
As the number one manufacturer of cosmetic and beauty aide cotton products, our vision for the future centers on constantly evolving our supply chain that demands better response, better service and continual improvements in speed to market. We also pursue business diversification by seeking out opportunities that complement our core competencies. Ultimately, we are driven to be forward-thinking leaders that strive to identify new opportunities and solutions. We will constantly challenge conventional methods in order to achieve the best operational excellence, machinery capabilities and technological advantages.